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MCT Powders are perfect if you want a power boosting coffee, shake or smoothie. You can also use them to infuse your keto baking and cooking with some of that pure MCT ketone energy. Flavoured or unflavoured, with or without protein,  MCT Powders are clean, pure and vegan and contain the best palm free coconut MCT Oil. Read more below

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MCT Powder: What is it, How to Use it, and How to Choose it

MCT Oil Powder has all the benefits of MCT Oil. It fits perfectly into your keto lifestyle and it’s a great way to keep you supplied with ketone energy. Here we explain the benefits, the production, the uses and the varieties of MCT powder. And of course you’ll want to know when the powder’s more convenient than the oil.

You’ll find out:

  • Why MCT Oil (Powder) is so important in keto
  • How MCT Powder is produced
  • When to choose the powder instead of the oil
  • How do I choose a good MCT Powder
  • How to use MCT Oil Powder

Why MCT Oil Powder is Important in the Keto Diet

MCT Oil, in fluid or powder form, is an important part of the keto lifestyle and diet. On keto, you rely on fat instead of carbs as your primary source of energy. Your liver metabolizes the fat into ketones, which your body will use when there are no carbs to burn.

MCT’s, short for Medium Chain Triglycerides, are the type of fat that’s easiest for your body to absorb. They go straight to the liver, which makes them the best fat to use if you need a fast energy boost.

If you’re a beginning ketonian, MCT will help you get into ketosis and stay there. Another benefit of MCT Oil is that it keeps you full and satisfied for a long time, which helps you to stick to your diet and aids weight loss.

Takeaway: MCT’s are available as oil or powder. They are very beneficial to the keto lifestyle since they’re metabolized into energy faster than any other sort of fat. They also help to keep you satisfied for a long time.

The production of MCT Oil Powder

MCT Oil, which is also the basis for the powder, can be produced from either palm kernel oil or coconut oil.

To make powder of the oil, it is mixed with another ingredient, the carrier, usually a fiber. The mix is then dried with hot air through a process called ‘spray drying’. Of course, the carrier needs to be net carb free so as not to spike your blood sugar and take you out of ketosis.

When to choose the powder instead of the oil?

  1. MCT powder is much easier to mix with fluids than the oil. The result is creamy rather than oily in texture. This makes the powder your best choice if you want to use MCT for making bulletproof coffee, smoothies, or other drinks.
  2. If you’re new to MCT, it may cause some digestive discomfort, especially in large amounts. Most beginning ketonians find the powdered form a little easier to tolerate than the oil.
  3. The powder is easy to bring with you. You can easily take small portions of MCT powder to work, on a visit, or as you travel. A bottle of oil is heavy and you can’t bring it in your hand luggage if you fly. The oil is also much more prone to make a mess when spilled.
  4. The powder can be used in baking, whereas the oil is only appropriate for cold, uncooked food.
  5. The powder contains fiber, which aids digestion.

Takeaway: MCT Powder is the most practical option when you’re on the go. It mixes well with fluid, is generally well tolerated and can be used for cooking and baking.

How to use MCT Oil Powder

  • In your coffee, to make it “bulletproof”
  • In shakes and smoothies
  • For baking keto cookies, cake, and muffins
  • For cooking; it can be heated up to 180 °C
  • In stews or soups, for thickening
  • Before you work out
  • After you work out - mixed with protein

How do you choose a good MCT powder?

If you decide to use MCT powder to aid your keto lifestyle, you’ll want to know how to choose the best quality for optimal benefit.

You know you have a good MCT Powder if:

  • It contains only C8/C10 MCT oil
  • The MCT’s are from 100% coconut oil, sustainably sourced
  • The carrier’s natural and sugar-free, such as acacia fiber
  • It contains only natural extra ingredients (e.g. protein or flavoring)
  • It contains no impurities or added thickeners, preservatives etc.

Takeaway: Good MCT powder should be free from impurities and contain premium quality C8/C10 MCT’s and pure sugar-free fiber as a carrier.

What variety of MCT Powder are there to choose from?

MCT Powder is available in a number of varieties. Which one to choose depends on what you want to use it for.

The most common variety is the simple unflavored form, which is very versatile. You could use it for all the purposes outlined in this article.

Then there’s MCT Powder mixed with protein. This is a great combination after a workout. The MCT’s will replenish your energy and the protein will boost your muscle growth.


MCT’s have many uses and benefits for people following the keto lifestyle. It’s the best sort of fat to give you a quick energy boost and it will help you stay in ketosis. It also keeps you feeling full between meals, which can be a great help if weight loss is your goal.

Whether you choose MCT oil Powder or the fluid oil depends largely on your situation and the way you want to use MCT’s.

If you are often on the go, the powder is much more easy to bring along. It is also best suited for making bulletproof coffee and other drinks, as well as for cooking and baking. It may also be a good option if you find that the oil gives you too much discomfort. Finally, a mix of MCT and protein makes for a great keto shake after your workout.

At KetoFitShop, you’ll find premium quality MCT Oils and Powders of all varieties to suit your every need.