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Boissons et shakes

If you want to boost your energy and encourage the production of ketones, drinks can be a great help. Hot or cold keto drinks are a great way to support your keto lifestyle and supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Read more below

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What Shall We Drink? A Guide to Keto-Friendly Beverages

The keto diet isn't only about low-carb foods; it's just as much about low-carb drinks. In order to make your keto diet successful, it's important to know what you should pay attention to when it comes to drinks on the keto diet.

Water Wins on the Keto Diet

You can't go wrong with water. That's especially true if you're on keto. It's the simplest option, but it's truly the best one. Whether you prefer it still, sparkling, or with ice, water is always a good option.

This is why water is the ultimate thirst quencher:

  • It has no carbs
  • It has no calories
  • There is no preparation needed

By adding a little bit of salt to your glass of water, it can also help you minimize any symptoms of the keto flu, such as headache or fatigue, which often occur at the beginning of a keto diet. For extra refreshment, you can add fresh mint or a slice of lime or lemon to your water.

7 Keto-Friendly Drinks

Although water is your go-to drink if you're on a keto diet, there are other options as well if you want some more flavor. Below you'll find 7 keto-friendly beverages, so that you always have something to choose, whatever the occasion.

  1. Tea
  2. Coffee
  3. Vegetable Juice
  4. Plant-Based Milk
  5. Electrolyte Drinks
  6. Keto-Friendly Smoothies

What Drinks Should I Avoid?

Being on keto, you're probably focused on the carbs in the foods that you eat. However, it's just as important to pay attention to what you drink! Lots of drinks are stuffed with calories and sugar, so drinking the right beverages could make the difference in making your keto diet a success. Avoiding the following beverages will help you along:

  1. Soft Drinks & Sodas
  2. Diet Drinks
  3. Cow's Milk
  4. Milkshakes/Smoothies
  5. Fruit Juice
  6. Beer
  7. Energy Drinks

From Keto Drinks to Coke: An Overview of Carbs

By now you've learned which drinks are best and which are worst if you're on a keto diet and that with some drinks, things are a bit more complex. To make things easier for you, we've made a visual overview of different beverages and the amount of carbs they contain, to guide you through your options.

Keto-Friendly Drinks Overview

BeverageServing SizeCarbs
Water (with                   lemon)250 ml0 grams
Tea250 ml0 grams
Coffee150 ml0 grams
Diet soda*330                   ml0 grams
Wine (red)150 ml4 grams
Plant-based                   milk**200 ml2 grams
Cow's milk200 ml10 grams
Vegetable                   juice300 ml11 grams
Beer330 ml13 grams
Caffè latte330 ml15 grams
Energy drink250 ml28 grams
Soft drink330 ml39 grams
Smoothie300 ml36 grams
Frappuccino330 ml50 grams
Milkshake300 ml60 grams

*Although this drink contains no sugars, artificial sweeteners can cause other problems, so make sure you go for an option that's sweetened with Stevia.

** Unsweetened varieties of almond milk and coconut milk.


It's important to not only watch what you're eating on a keto diet but also to be mindful of what you're drinking. Choosing healthy, keto-friendly beverages can make a huge difference in how successful your keto adventure will be.

Drinking lots of water is important to keep you hydrated, just as keeping your electrolytes in balance. Besides water, tea, coffee, and unsweetened, plant-based milk varieties, electrolyte drinks are a crucial aspect of the keto diet to keep you in good health, so make sure you drink enough of the right stuff. Cheers, to upcoming keto adventures!