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    On the keto diet, you want powerful, ketogenic coffee! At KetoFitShop, you’ll find great tasting instant MCT coffees to provide you with an energy boost and help you stay in ketosis. Just add hot or cold water and enjoy your bulletproof keto coffee! Read all you need to know about coffee and keto below

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    Coffee on keto: what you need to know!

    Coffee is
    one of those beverages that is universally loved. All around the world people
    drink it and there are many ways in which coffee is prepared. If you’re on a
    keto diet, coffee can still be a great ritual for you. In fact, coffee is one
    of the best drinks on a keto diet. If you drink it black or even better: put
    the right stuff in it, coffee can be a wonderful start of your day!


    In this
    article we’ll dive into the world of bulletproof keto coffee. You’ll learn what
    it is, what the benefits are, which ingredients to use and how to make it.
    We’ll also give you some things to keep in mind when you drink your keto
    coffee, to make sure you drink it wisely.


    In this


    • Keto or bulletproof coffee: what
      is it?

    • Key ingredients for your keto

    • The 5 benefits of bulletproof

    • Recipe for a great keto

    • 4 keto coffee considerations to
      keep in mind


    Keto or
    bulletproof coffee: what is it?


    coffee, the popular term for keto coffee, was coined by Dave Asprey, who was
    also the founder of the Bulletproof Diet. The alternative for coffee became
    popular among low-carb and keto dieters and is now widely known around the


    Keto coffee
    is basically a black coffee that is complemented with butter and MCT oil. The
    idea behind keto or bulletproof coffee is that it’s a low-carb alternative for
    sugary coffee. At the same time, the healthy fats provide you with the fuel you
    need. The fats will also make you feel full, which is why it’s a perfect drink
    to start your day or after a period of intermittent fasting.


    How does it

    You might
    need to get a little used to the taste, especially if you’re used to drinking
    coffee with sugar and milk. A bulletproof keto coffee tastes a bit like a
    latte, but without the sugar. As milk – which is nothing more than a natural
    sugar – and sugar aren’t allowed on a keto diet, you’ll have to learn how to
    eat and drink without them anyways, so you better start with this great coffee
    keto diet alternative!


    ingredients for your keto coffee


    tastes differ and everyone likes their coffee in a specific way, we can point
    out the basic ingredients that are necessary to make a great keto coffee. As
    some of you may like to add an extra component to give your coffee an extra
    taste, we’ll also highlight three ingredients to make this possible.



    • Black
      You can use any kind of grind and beans, as long as it’s
      freshly brewed black coffee. The original Bulletproof Coffee uses organically
      grown beans, to make sure it contains the least amounts of toxins possible, but
      regular coffee will work as well.

    • Butter: Choose preferably
      grass-fed butter or ghee, as these are the healthy fats that the keto diet
      encourages to eat. Adding these fats to your coffee is an easy way to consume
      more of them and they also make the coffee very filling.

    • MCT
      MCT oil, or medium-chain triglycerides are a keto
      favourite. MCT oil is typically made from coconut oil, but you can also find
      MCTs in palm kernel oil, whole milk or butter. MCT oil has the unique ability
      to travel immediately to your liver, where it boosts ketone production [3].
      Several studies also show that MCTs promote fat loss [4].

    • Coconut
      Instead of MCT oil, you can also use coconut oil in your
      keto diet coffee. Adding it to your keto drink helps you stay in ketosis as –
      just like MCT oil – it’s loaded with medium chain triglycerides

    • Vary with
      Erythritol, Stevia, turmeric or cinnamon:
      The beautiful thing
      about keto coffee is that, just with regular coffee, you can give it a personal
      twist. As long as the stuff you add is keto-friendly, the sky is the limit. You
      want your coffee to taste sweeter? Add the natural, keto-friendly sweetener
      Erythritol. Do you like spicy? Try turmeric or cinnamon! They both have some
      great health benefits as well, like reducing inflammation [5][6].

    • Blender: This is no ingredient of
      course, but it’s important to mix all your keto coffee ingredients together in
      a blender. This way, your coffee will become a bit fluffier and creamier. You
      can also use a (electric) hand whisk.

    • If you don’t have these tools at
      hand, or want to make it easy for yourself, you can also opt for one of our
      easy  instant coffees. Simply add hot
      water, shake or stir well and your keto coffee is ready to drink.



    The key
    ingredients of keto coffee are black coffee, MCT or coconut oil and grass-fed
    butter or ghee.


    The 5
    benefits of bulletproof coffee


    So why
    exactly should you add butter and oil to your coffee? Although there’s plenty
    of research on the consumption of coffee in general, there are only a few
    studies on the specific consumption of keto coffee. Thus, we can’t draw any
    formal conclusions on keto coffee as such.


    looking at all the key ingredients of bulletproof coffee, we can see why it is
    claimed that drinking keto coffee has the following benefits:



    1. It helps you stay
      in ketosis:
      Keto coffee is packed with butter and MCT oil, which
      your liver can use to produce ketones from. So, when you are in a state of
      ketosis, drinking a keto coffee fuels your body with healthy fats and thus
      helps you stay in ketosis.

    3. It contributes to
      weight loss:
      As keto coffee is low-carb but high in healthy
      fats, it supplies your body with the right ingredients to stay in ketosis. This
      means that your body is forced to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose and this
      of course contributes to losing weight.

    5. It helps you feel
      full and satisfied:
      The MCTs and butter in keto coffee give you
      a full and satisfied feeling, which can prevent you from overeating or having

    7. It boosts your
      The caffeine in keto coffee is a stimulant for your
      central nervous system and is known for its ability to increase energy levels
      and reduce feelings of tiredness [1].

    9. Supports mental
      Keto coffee supports your cognitive function and mental
      clarity. Some claim that it’s caused by the MCTs in keto coffee, as they are
      converted into ketones, which fuel your brain. However, there’s no scientific
      evidence for this. There is however evidence to suggest that it’s the caffeine
      in coffee which gives a boost in mental clarity and focus [2].



    ingredients of keto coffee can help you feel full, contribute to weight loss,
    boost your energy and support mental clarity.


    Recipe for
    a great keto coffee


    So far,
    you’ve learned what keto coffee is, what the key ingredients are and which
    benefits can be ascribed to drinking coffee on keto. As there are endless ways
    in which to make a wonderful keto coffee, it’s impossible to give the perfect
    recipe for it. However, the basic recipe for a great keto coffee will get you
    started. Feel free to give it a personal twist, as long as the ingredients you
    use are keto friendly!


    for 1 keto coffee:


    • 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee
      (250 ml)

    • 1 tbsp MCT oil

    • 1 tbsp grass-fed

    • Optionally: 1 tsp of spices like
      cinnamon or turmeric





    1. Brew your coffee as normal. If
      you like strong coffee, prepare your keto coffee strong as well.

    3. Put about 250 ml of freshly
      brewed coffee in a blender and add 1 tablespoon of Ghee or grass-fed butter and
      one tablespoon of MCT oil. You can also use a (electric) hand whisk.

    5. Optionally you can add spices
      like cinnamon or turmeric to your coffee. You can even add other ingredients,
      as long as they’re keto friendly.

    7. Mix it all together until your
      coffee is nice and fluffy.

    9. Enjoy!


    do not use cow milk in your keto coffee, as it contains too many carbs. Great
    low-carb alternatives however are unsweetened nut and seed milks like almond,
    macadamia, coconut, hemp or flax milk.


    4 healthy
    keto coffee tips


    keto coffee fits perfectly in a keto diet, there are some facts you need to be
    aware of before you kick off.



    1. Use keto coffee in
      We all know that too much of anything just isn’t
      good for anyone. Remember coffee is full of caffeine and you don’t want to
      drink it I moderation. If you’re wondering how many carbs are in keto coffee,
      then you will be happy to hear that it contains zero net carbs!

    3. Choose the right
      Although healthy fats are at the base of the ketogenic
      diet, choose your fats wisely. MCT oil and grass-fed butter are a great choice
      for your bulletproof coffee.

    5. Don’t live off
      bulletproof coffees alone:
      Although some ketonians love keto
      coffees, we don’t recommend living only on bulletproof coffees. Remember to eat
      your veggies and other foods to give your body all the nutrients, vitamins,
      minerals and fibers that you need.

    7. Sweeteners: Don’t spoil your
      sweet tooth with all kinds of sweeteners. A bit of erythritol or stevia will
      add some flavor. But try coffee without it and enjoy the real coffee taste




    Keto coffee
    or bulletproof coffee can be a great way of kickstarting your day and boosting
    your energy, while staying in ketosis. It’s easy to make and there are many
    ways in which you can give it a personal twist with spices and other keto-friendly
    ingredients. Enjoy and have fun.