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Go-Keto Food & Drinks

Food and Drinks

If you need natural, healthy low carb and keto food and ingredients that will help you stay in ketosis and meet your daily macros, you’ve come to the right place. From low-carb and gluten free granola and bread mixes for your keto breakfast to the perfect baking products and snacks – Go-Keto’s got everything you need. Or maybe you want to boost your energy and encourage the production of ketones, drinks can be a great help. Hot or cold keto drinks are a great way to support your keto lifestyle and supply your body with the nutrients it needs. And of course, you can order them at Go-Keto..

MCT Powder Keto Coffee Cappuccino 250gr


Farmers Bread Mix 270gr


MCT Powder Keto Coffee Almond 250gr


Bio Keto Granola - Raspberry Go-Keto


Bio Keto Granola - Coconut Cocoa Go-Keto


Walnut Bread Mix 270gr


Brown Bread Mix 270gr Go-Keto


Organic Ghee 500gr


Erythritol Premium Sweetener 800gr Go-Keto


Fruit Spread Strawberry 200g


Bio Psyllium Husk Powder 250gr Go-Keto


Bio Keto Granola - Apple Cinnamon Go-Keto


Fruit Spread Forest Berries 200g


Bio Keto Granola - Lemon Poppyseed Go-Keto


Organic Ghee 1250gr


Bio Erythritol Premium Sweetener 800gr Go-Keto


Bio White Almond Flour 400gr Go-Keto


Erythritol Premium & Stevia 1000gr Go-Keto


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