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MCT Oils are perfect for your keto lifestyle, since fat is your primary fuel! We only use the best vegan, palm-free MCT to give you the highest ketone energy. Try our superpower MCT's now! Read more below

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The MCT Guide: Everything You Need to Know About MCT Oil

MCT’s are turned into energy faster than any other oil or fat.
This makes it indispensable for the keto diet, where fat is the main fuel. This
Guide answers all questions about MCT Oil that you may have as a beginning or
advanced ketonian. Find out how to put MCT’s to good use in your keto

In this article:

  • What is MCT Oil and why do you need it
  • How to use MCT’s in keto
  • How much do you need and when
  • MCT Oil and MCT Powder
  • How to choose

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides (medium chain fatty
acids). This type of fat goes almost directly to the liver to be turned into
ketones for energy. MCT is a very quick source of energy for our body, which
makes it indispensable in the keto diet, in which fat is your fuel instead of

Why does my body need MCT’s?

Since your body gets its energy from fat with a keto diet, MCT
is the best and purest form. This type of fat can also be found in foods that
you can buy at the supermarket, such as coconut oil and butter. However, the
disadvantage is that these foods only contain the good MCT’s in very small
proportions. And they often contain (small amounts) carbohydrates that you want
to avoid. MCT Oils ensure that you get the energy you need without the

Takeaway: MCT’s are the purest and
best digestible source of fat that your body can get. Since the keto diet means
that fat is your primary fuel, they are indispensable for the keto

How to
Use MCT Oil?


The oil
is converted into ketones almost immediately after you take it. For a super
quick energy boost, you can just take a spoonful when you need it. KetoFitShop
offers you a number of varieties, flavored and unflavored, so find your


way to take your MCT’s is to enrich your morning coffee with the oil, together
with some butter or ghee. Mix it well using a blender or milk frother. The
result is a creamy and delicious drink that keeps you satisfied, energized, and
focused for hours. Among ketonians, it’s known as bulletproof coffee.


you can use any of our MCT Oils to power up your shakes, smoothies, and other
drinks with a solid MCT boost – the keto way to make a good thing even


Much MCT Oil Do I Need?


you’re new to using MCT’s, it’s best to start with small amounts, for instance
with two 5ml teaspoons a day. That’s because you may need some time to get used
to it – the oil is so pure and quickly absorbed, it can quite speed up your
digestion and cause discomfort.


Then, as
your body gets used to it, you can slowly increase the amount to 2 or 3 15ml
tablespoons each day, to have the full benefit.


When Do
I Take My MCT Oil?


You can
take it whenever you like – e.g. at breakfast, with a salad, or with your
dinner – but to get the full effect of your MCT intake, we advise you to take
it about an hour before a meal. This will make its ketone boost roughly three
times higher than when you take it with food.


There a Difference Between MCT Oil and Powder?


amount of MCT is the same in both powder form and oil. The only difference is,
you have to dry the oil to make a powder. This drying is done by spraying the
oil on acacia fiber that absorbs the oil. This means MCT powder also contains
extra fiber, which is not in the oil. Those fibers could actually come in handy
to aid digestion when you are on the keto diet.


the Difference Between C8 and C10 MCT?


When you
read about MCT’s, you often see the designation C8 or C10. This stands for the
number of carbon atoms that a fatty acid contains. The smaller the number, the
shorter the chain and the faster the body can use it as energy. So pure C8 oil
gives you that quick energy. The C10 takes a little longer to digest and gives
you more lasting energy, a little later on. Many people choose C8, but we think
that the combination is a great choice as well. Pure C8 is more expensive
because it takes a lot of coconut oil to make pure C8 oil. Which is another
reason to recommend a mix of C8 (60%) and C10 (40%). You save money and you get
both fast (C8) and longer-lasting (C10) energy.


What is
a Good MCT Oil?


can be produced from coconut oil or palm kernel oil; both contain MCT’s.
However, since palm oil production is usually far from sustainable and a great
burden for the environment, at KetoFitShop we make sure that we only offer MCT
made of pure premium sustainably sourced coconut oil. When choosing a good MCT
product, always check whether it is:



  • made of pure sustainably sourced
    coconut oil

  • guaranteed palm oil

  • clean, pure and free of

  • pure C8 or a C8/C10


course, you can rely on KetoFitShop. We make sure that our MCT Oils meet all
these conditions.


When choosing an MCT Oil, make sure they’re pure and clean, C8 or a C8/C10
combination and made of sustainably sourced coconut oil. Our MCT Oils meet the highest


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