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Liver-Screen Rapid self-test for assessing the physiological state of the liver in blood.

The liver is an essential organ of the human body and plays a critical role in health. It helps to assimilate food, detoxify the blood, synthesise proteins and store energy.

In the event of a liver problem, a number of symptoms appear, such as the production of dark urine, discoloured stools, lack of appetite, yellowing of the whites of the eyes or the skin (jaundice). Other symptoms may include swelling of the abdomen, a feeling of weakness or extreme tiredness. There may be a number of reasons for these liver disorders, including hepatitis, the side effects of certain drugs, cirrhosis linked to alcohol abuse, and excess weight, particularly in cases of diabetes or hypertension.

Several diagnostic tests relating to liver function can be carried out, but the most commonly used tests are the measurement of the activity of the transaminase enzymes (ALAT and ASAT). These enzymes are released into the blood by the liver in the event of dysfunction or the development of disease.

LIVER-Screen® is a rapid immunodiagnostic test used to detect an increase in the activity of transaminases (ALAT and ASAT) from a capillary blood sample obtained from the fingertip. The test comes in the form of a cassette containing a strip with two distinct zones for the detection of transaminases (red if positive) and a control zone (blue).

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