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Even if you’re not on keto, collagen is a supplement that you will sooner or later hear about. Over the last few years, collagen has become a very popular supplement, to which an ever-growing number of benefits is ascribed. But what is collagen exactly, what functions does it have in your body and how to choose a great keto collagen? (Spoiler: you’ll find it on this page!) Read more below

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Keto & Collagen: the basics

In this


  • What is collagen?

  • Collagen in your body

  • What is a good collagen


What is

Collagen is an
all-important protein that makes up a large part of many tissues in the human
body (and all animals, for that matter). As much as 30% of the protein in your
body is collagen.


Collagen molecules are
made up of 3 intertwining strands of amino acids (the building blocks of all
types protein). Because of their unique, fibre-like structure, collagen is both
strong and flexible and this makes it indispensable for your many body parts
and tissues that need precisely those qualities.


Collagen in your body
is a major component of:



  • Bones

  • Joints

  • Cartilage

  • Tendons

  • Skin

  • Hair

  • Nails

  • Teeth


As you can see, with
collagen, it’s all about elasticity and flexibility. In youth, our bodies tend
to produce large quantities of top-quality collagen. This explains why we can
move so easily when we’re young and why our skin is so smooth and our hair is
so shiny. Unfortunately, life’s not very kind to these collagen-based


Collagen and

Collagen production
slows down naturally over the years. This process starts around your 25th year
and is often worsened by external factors, like too much sunlight and alcohol
and too little sleep and exercise.


As a result, the
amount of collagen in the body, as well as its structure and quality, breaks
down. Which might leave you with stiffening, unwilling joints, wrinkled,
stretched skin, lacklustre hair, and brittle nails.


Exactly: these signs
of collagen loss are also the signs of aging that most of us would rather not
show to the world…


Types of collagen

It's not really a
surprise, then, that collagen preparations are so popular. Although collagen
capsules are available, the most common form of collagen supplements is powder,
which you can mix in water or other drinks, shakes, and smoothies. These days,
you can even find them on the shelves in mainstream supermarkets and
drugstores, in all sorts of tempting fruity flavours.


What is a good keto
collagen supplement?

However, if you’re on
a keto or low-carb diet, you need to be very careful with grabbing one of
those. They are often filled to the brim with sugar and or artificial
sweeteners, and you don’t want a daily dose of those, right?


Plus, you will want to
know that your supplement meets your quality standards. You want a
glucose-free, healthy, well-formulated collagen supplement that you can trust
and that won’t mess up your diet!


So, what should you
look for in a keto collagen supplement?



  1. Premium

    Collagen occurs only in animal tissue, so
    there’s no such thing as vegan collagen. If you want to eat responsibly and
    sustainably, you may want to check the source of the collagen in your
    supplement. Make sure that the collagen comes from a well-fed animal so that
    your supplement contains no pollutants.


  3. Low-carb /
    keto-friendly sweeteners

    Supplements aren’t always as
    healthy as the producer would have you believe, and collagen powders are no
    exception. They are all too often stuffed with sugar or artificial sweeteners
    that are the enemies of your low carb or keto diet! So check well that your
    supplement contains no sugar and is sweetened with Stevia or


  5. Support for your
    keto diet

    Of course, it’s not compulsory, but why not
    choose a collagen supplement that also helps you in your keto journey? By
    choosing one with MCT Oil, your collagen shake also gives you a boost of ketone


  7. Great

    Because when all is said and done, there is
    really no need to compromise when it comes to taste!