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C8 MCT Powder Planet Paleo
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C8 MCT Powder Planet Paleo

Nutritional Information per 10 grams / 100 grams:
Energy: 68 kcal / 286 KJ | 684 kcal / 2859 KJ
Fat: 7 grams | 70 grams
of which saturated: 7 grams | 70 grams
Carbohydrates: 0 grams | 0 grams
of which sugars: 0 grams | 0 grams
Proteins: 0 grams | 0.3 grams
Salt: 0 grams | 0 grams

Composition per 10 grams (daily dosage):
10 grams coconut C8 MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil powder* *30% acacia fibers

Coconut C8 MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil powder, acacia fiber.

Keto C8 MCT Powder by Planet Paleo
Keto C8 MCT Powder, also known as Caprylic Acid, is the ultimate all-round MCT for ketogenic energy. C8 bypasses the liver and is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, making it easily converted into energy that cells can utilize. C8 produces three times more ketones than regular MCT, providing benefits such as enhanced energy and metabolic burning. MCT oils are used to support energy on the ketogenic diet. Individuals not following a keto diet can also use MCT oil for a feeling of satiety.

Keto C8 MCT Powder by Planet Paleo is made from sustainable coconut oil, without the use of solvents or chemicals. The oil is then spray-dried onto acacia fibers to give it a powdery consistency. Acacia is an ideal base as it is a natural prebiotic.

Add 10 grams to a warm beverage of your choice or incorporate it into smoothies and recipes for a ketogenic boost. Note that no measuring spoon is included. Available in a compostable packaging of 220 grams (22 servings) or 440 grams (44 servings).

✔ Paleo proof
✔ Keto C8 MCT Powder is a highly concentrated powder made from coconuts and delivers high doses of C8 MCTs
✔ 300% more ketones than regular MCT Easily digestible
✔ Smooth texture and neutral taste
✔ Convenient powdered form
No added sugars
✔ Perfect for low-carb and ketogenic diets Gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free Sustainable packaging: all Planet Paleo packaging is compostable
✔ Note: delivered without a spoon to reduce plastic waste