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MCT Powder 250gr
MCT Powder 250gr
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MCT Powder 250gr

MCT fats
MCT fats boost the production of natural ketones. Ketones are your alternative energy source. Your super petrol!

C8-C10 Fats
We use the purest C8-C10 MCT fatty acids from coconut. These are the best fats for a keto lifestyle.

Mix MCT powder with anything you like. Delicious in coffee, a shake with almond milk, a green smoothie or just in water.

The purest form of MCT powder from coconut oil with acacia fibers. These pure MCT C8-C10 fats have a high satiating capacity and stimulate the natural production of ketones. Ketones are your super fuel and give extra focus and energy during a keto diet.

Pure C8 and C10 fatty acids
100% keto
100% palm oil free
Satiating power
Boost the production of ketones