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Keto Protein 700gr

Support your muscles
A protein deficiency can adversely affect the building and maintenance of muscles. A perfect mix of whey isolate protein, MCT fats, vitamins and minerals for the perfect support.

Quick Shake
We always recommend a healthy balanced (keto) meal. Want to quickly provide your body with sufficient nutrients? Then mix Keto Protein 90 with, for example, almond milk or full-fat cottage cheese.

MCT fats
Pure, without added sugars or additives. The best whey protein isolate, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A special mix for the best support of your muscles, fast satiety and a large amount of healthy nutrients.

Keto Protein 90 is a premium protein shake with Whey protein isolate 90, C8-C10 MCT fats from coconut, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A delicious shake, specially developed for those who combine a healthy keto or low-carbohydrate diet with an active lifestyle where strength and muscle growth are important. The extra added MCT fats ensure saturation and the natural production of ketones.

Premium Shake
Whey protein isolate (90%)
MCT fats
✔ Vitamins
✔ Minerals