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Deversify <br>Acetrack ketone breath analyser
Deversify <br>Acetrack ketone breath analyser
Deversify <br>Acetrack ketone breath analyser
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Acetrack ketone breath analyser


The ketone breath analyzer Acetrack® measures if your body is burning fat. By measuring the concentration of acetone, a by-product from fat burning, in exhaled breath it is possible to determine whether a person is found to be in ketosis or not. The metabolic state where fat, instead of glucose, is decomposed in the liver. Simply put, you get a momentary receipt that your body has shifted to fat-based energy consumption.

Sensitive sensor that measures in acetone in Parts Per Million.
Share with friends or family - just clean or exchange the detachable nozzle.
✔ Charge over night, use all day.
Measure your ketonic levels wherever you are.
Find out what affects your ketosis.
✔ Make more informed decisions about your diet.