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CRP-Screen Rapid self-test for detection of C-reactive protein (bacterial infection or inflammation) in blood.

CRP-Screen The C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a non-specific marker which is mainly produced by the liver and used to diagnose bacterial infectious disease and inflammatory disorders. The CRP is a very sensitive and fast appearing indicator which could therefore be helpful for deciding an antibiotic treatment. Depending on the CRP concentration, different lines will appear allowing the semi-quantitative interpretation of the test result.In healthy patients, CRP concentration is lower than 8mg/L while the concentration level can go higher than 100mg/L in case of severe infection or during inflammatory process. Intermediate levels, within 8 and 100mg/L, are concomitant with more or less mildly viral or bacterial infections that can be easily overcome byappropriate treatment ordered by your doctor.

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