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Chorizo Pork Jerky 30gr Cherky Foods
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Chorizo Pork Jerky 30gr Cherky Foods

A sustainable snack without preservatives, nourishing and that tastes like Spanish Ham.

What do you think? Wait, we can still make it better.

We only use 4 ingredients to make Organic Ham Jerky: free-range pork, salt, white pepper and... chunks of cured ham!

As always, we have chosen the healthiest option to develop our products. Instead of using aromas or flavorings, we use real ham to make this Jerky. Of course organic cured ham without preservatives.

We are very happy with the result, we hope you enjoy it. "Selected lean pork* (180g of pork used to obtain 100g of product), cured ham* (ham and salt) 12,8%, sea salt, white pepper*.

Allergens in bold, may contain traces of celery, sesame, soya, mustard and nuts.

*Ingredients from organic farming.

Nutritional values 100gr

100g 30g
Energy 1687KJ/406Kcal 506,1KJ/121,8Kcal
Fats 29,40g 8,82g
of which saturated 11,80g 3,54g
Carbohydrates 4,85g 1,45g
of which sugars 1,33g 0,40g
Protein 30,50g 9,15g
Salt 2,10g 0,63g

Our ECO Pork Jerky is a snack inspired by these two rockstar products of Spanish gastronomy but always following the values of any Cherky product: clean ingredients of the highest quality, flavor and nutrition.

Our organic Chorizo and Cured Ham snacks are made with meat from certified organic producers. This ensures the highest animal welfare, the sustainability of the farms and the biodiversity of the environment.

Organic pork
High in protein
Low in carbohydrates
No added sugars
No preservatives, nitrites or colourings