In need of Krill Oil Omega-3 High-dose EPA/DHA x90? | Get yours at
Krill Omega-3 Oil x90 Go-Keto
Krill Omega-3 Oil x90 Go-Keto
Krill Omega-3 Oil x90 Go-Keto
Krill Omega-3 Oil x90 Go-Keto
Krill Omega-3 Oil x90 Go-Keto

Krill Omega-3 Oil x90 Go-Keto


Our Krill Oil has more Omega-3 than others on the market, thanks to the unique Superba Boost™ highly concentrated EPA and DHA.

More and more people are choosing Krill oil over fish oil and for very good reasons. Krill oil makes your Omega-3 index rise twice as fast as fish oil. it contains nutrients that are scientifically proven to be essential for good health and can help prevent the risk of countless diseases and conditions. And, sustainably fished under MSC Ecolabel.

Highest Omega-3 EPA and DHA Krill Oil available
Better absorbed than regular fish oil.
Does not smell, and no fishy aftertaste
Natural Astaxanthin protects Krill oil against oxidation
Omega-3 EPA and DHA good for heart, eyes and brain1 
Rich in Choline that supports healthy liver function and lipid metabolism2

Pure and clean, no heavy metals like some fish oils
Sustainably fished under MSC-Ecolabel”

1 Valid with a minimum intake of 250mg EPA and DHA (2 softgel capsules)
2 Choline

Recommended use:
Take 2 capsules per day. Keep to the recommended dosage.

One daily dosage (2 softgels) provides you:
679 mg –  Marine Phospholipids
(lipid extract from crustacean Antarctic Krill (Euphausia Superba)
– with 334 mg –  Omega-3 lipids1 of which
– 214,5 mg – EPA
– 83,4 mg – DHA
83,4 mg – Choline2
220,5 μg – Astaxanthin

Why these ingredients?
At we only offer the best quality available for you. That’s why we selected Superba Boost. it is the best krill oil on the market. And our softgels? We use fish gelatine, because to be honest. who wants gelatine from a cow or pig in his Omega-3. 



Superba Boost™ Krill oil from Antarctic Krill Euphausia Superba (crustacean), fish gelatine (capsule).

Our Softgel capsules are made from fish gelatine and not from cow or pig gelatine.

Allergen info

Not suitable for persons with an allergy to fish or shellfish or who take blood thinning medication.

Marine Phospholipids/Marine Fosfolipiden/
Marine Phospholipide/Phopholipides Marins/ Fosfolípidos marinos 691 mg
Omega-3 lipids/vetzuren/Fetsäuren/Acides Gras/ lípidos 346 mg
-EPA 191 mg
-DHA 95 mg
Choline/Choline/Choline/Choline/Colina2 83mg
Astaxanthin/Astaxanthine/Astaxanthin/ Astaxanthine/Astaxantina 1,9 mg