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The clean and balanced keto supplements in the KetoFitShop are designed for people on a low-carb or keto diet, and they can also be very helpful for anyone looking to optimize their wellbeing and performance! If you’re aiming to get all the right nutrients to help you feel great, perform at your best or to stay in ketosis, check out our wide range of keto supplements. Read more below

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Keto Supplements – the best support for your keto journey

In this


  • Keto supplements: why you might be looking for them

  • The top 3 keto supplements

  • Choosing your supplements

  • Tips for taking supplements


Why you may be
looking for keto supplements

Some supplements are truly ‘keto
supplements’. They have properties that may help your body on keto by
stimulating your ketone production. Others may be of help especially during
certain stages of your keto journey when you might be dealing with a little
‘keto flu’ as you adapt to your new lifestyle or new circumstances.

We’re pretty sure you know this
already, especially if you’re here because of your decision to go keto or
low-carb, but let’s start off this article with stating the obvious.
Supplements can never be a substitute for healthy food, healthy living and
healthy exercise!

Nevertheless, there are
circumstances in which people may find that supplements provide them with some
extra support. For instance, challenging exercise programs or certain physical
conditions may benefit from some extra (concentrated) macronutrients and
micronutrients. And people on keto and low carb diets often find that
optimizing their macros and balancing their vitamins and minerals helps them
get the best results from their diet and feel great.


So, shall we take a
closer look at top 3 keto supplements and what they


No. 1: MCT

MCT Oil – short for ‘medium chain
triglycerides’ – is a type of oil that’s easier than any other type of fat to
turn into your primary energy supply for keto: ketones! This means that
supplements with MCT Oil are a great way to make sure you get as much energy
from fat as you need to speed you along your keto journey.

Their easy and swift
metabolization also make MCT supplements a perfect, fast energy booster
whenever you feel a little hungry or faint. MCT tends to reduce your appetite
for sweet treats and snacks, which can also be a great help for the low carb or
keto lifestyle.


No. 2: Keto (MCT)
Protein Shakes

Protein is the main component of
muscle tissue. So, it’s not much of a surprise that protein shakes are staple
food for the majority of people who work out regularly trying to build muscle.
It’s a little different for low carb and keto dieters, but we’ll explain when
and why protein supplements may be a good idea for them as well.

The keto diet and most low-carb
diets in general need a moderate protein intake, since your body may turn
unused protein into carbohydrates through a process known as

However, with your diet giving you
extra energy, chances are that you work out several times a week, like most
ketonians. In that case, and especially if you include a certain amount of
strength training in your workouts, you probably need extra protein during or
after each session. Taken at that time, it will be metabolised and used
straightaway to build lean muscle mass.

As we have seen, protein shakes
are immensely popular, and you’ll find them in every supermarket. But if you’re
on keto, you’ll probably want to stay away from such products. They contain
loads of sugar, artificial sweeteners and synthetic flavouring and you do not
want those. Just as you do not want impure protein from unknown sources that
may contain all sorts of suspect substances. Your lifestyle is not just about
avoiding carbs, it’s also about healthy, clean and natural eating.

And that’s where the pure and
proven protein supplements that we offer at KetoFitShop come in. Super
delicious, enriched with premium MCT and containing only pure and clean
keto-friendly ingredients and sweeteners.


No. 3:

Did you know that carbohydrates
are stored in your body as glycogen bound to water molecules and minerals? In
fact, glycogen retains about 3-4 times its weight in fluid.

So, when you eliminate the carbs
on your low-carb or keto diet, this storage soon gets depleted and with the
glycogen, your body will lose lots of fluid and minerals as well. This is why
sweat usually tastes salty on your skin – that’s the salty tasting minerals
(also known as salts or electrolytes) that you’ve just lost.

If you’ve ever exercised when it
was very hot and you sweated intensely, perhaps you have noticed that you got a
little wobbly on your feet, developed a headache or felt tired and achy. Well,
that was your body telling you that maybe it was time to replenish your
electrolytes and get them in balance to stay hydrated.

On keto, you may experience
similar signs, sometimes referred to as “keto flu”. It's often felt in the
early stages of your low-carb or keto journey, as you shed the fluid and
mineral retaining carbs, but it's not restricted to that phase. Which explains
why ketonians and low-carbers so often find electrolyte supplements helpful,
early on in their diet, but also in the long run.

Of course, there are more
supplements that might help ketonians as well as anyone looking to get the full
healthy range of nutrients, such as Vitamin supplements, including Krill Oil
containing the very important Omega-3 fatty acids EPA/DHA and special formulas
for your joints. And yes, we have them too at KetoFitShop!


Choosing your keto

When you decide to start using
keto supplements, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while
you select them. It’s important to choose products that support you in the best
possible way and that won’t have a negative effect for your diet, health and


When choosing your keto
supplements, keep these points in mind:


  • Make sure your supplement is sugar free

  • Sweeteners should be keto/low-carb friendly such as erythritol
    and stevia

  • Always choose natural flavouring over artificial

  • Go for products and ingredients that are pure and sustainably

  • Always check the exact contents and dosages. Are they
    well-balanced and suited to your needs?

  • Don’t take too much. Remember: supplements come on top of the
    nutrients you get from food

  • Check for content overlaps between different supplements to
    avoid imbalances

  • Starting on new supplements? Always check with your health
    practitioner first – especially when you’re on medication!


Tips for taking your

If you take supplements in
whatever form, always make sure that you take them as indicated by the
manufacturer. Taking too much of certain supplements, taking them at the wrong
time or in the wrong combinations may have all sorts of unpleasant effects that
you’ll want to avoid.


In general, these are the
rules-of-thumb for the use of keto supplements:


  • MCT Oil and Powder have the best effect if you take them at
    least 30 mins before meals

  • Protein supplements can be very useful when taken during or
    after your workout

  • For most Vitamins and minerals, it’s advisable not to take
    them on an empty stomach

  • In order not to forget, take them at a fixed time, preferably
    with your first meal of the day

  • Always check the instructions for use and don’t take more than
    the recommended daily dose



Keto supplements can help you to
support your health, your wellbeing and your keto or low-carb journey, provided
you choose and use them wisely and responsibly.