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Perfect Keto <br>Electrolytes x120
Perfect Keto <br>Electrolytes x120
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Perfect Keto
Electrolytes x120


 Made to: Provide maximum hydration, boost nutrient absorption, support immune system, help eliminate keto flu symptoms
 A blend of magnesium, sodium, chloride, and potassium in the optimal ratio for maximum hydration
 Contains 125% DV of vitamin D which helps boost magnesium absorption and support a healthy immune system
 No calories, low carb, no sugar. Only natural flavors. Nothing artificial.

Help Your Body Stay Hydrated
Optimal hydration is about achieving the right balance of water and electrolytes your body needs to function.

Drinking too much water (and not enough electrolytes) can throw off this balance and dilute electrolytes in your body. This causes you to lose electrolytes responsible for functions such as water retention, muscle contraction, heartbeat regulation, body temperature control and energy production.

To be hydrated, you need to strike this delicate balance between water and electrolytes. Daily Electrolytes help replenish the essential electrolytes you need to be truly hydrated and feel your best.