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MCT Oil Premium C8/C10 500ml Tulipans
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MCT Oil Premium C8/C10 500ml Tulipans


MCTs, short for medium-chain triglycerides, are a unique type of fatty acids known for their rapid energy provision. These fats are primarily used by cells as a quick energy source, especially benefiting the brain and muscles with their fast-acting energy. Commonly found in coconuts and coconut oil, MCTs are also a prominent component of breast milk. Their ability to be swiftly digested and converted into ketones makes them an excellent source of quick energy.


MCT oil - Medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil.

Nutritional Information Per 100gr / Per 10gr
Energy (kJ) 3768.1 / 376.8
Energy (kCal) 900 / 90
Fats 100 / 10
Of which saturated 100 / 10
Carbohydrates 0
Fibre 0
Proteins 0
Salt 0