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Pure C8/C10 MCT Oil


MCT oil - PURE C8-C10 is a high-quality and 100% palm-free MCT oil derived from coconut oil. MCT PURE is a pure and neutral tasting MCT oil. As a result, it is used in many meals and drinks. Due to its purity and the presence of  C8 and C10 fatty acids,  it is a perfect addition to a healthy (keto) diet.

Boost the production of ketones
Pure C8-C10 fatty acids
100% keto
No sugars
High satiating power

When to use:
Morning - Right before breakfast for a true ketone boost!
Nice appetite - Make the urge to eat disappear with a spoonful of MCT
Ketosis - Deeper in ketosis. Boost the amount of ketones.
Sport - As additional nutrition during endurance sports. Mix it with water and electrolytes

Pure Energy
The MCT fatty acids C8-C10 stimulate the natural production of ketones. These ketones are your energy source. Feel that energy! Coconut
Our MCT PURE oil contains only the best ingredients. C8-C10 fats from coconut oil completely palm free. Of course 100% vegan In which?
Use it neat on a spoon before a meal or mix it into one of your favorite dishes.