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Cherky Beef Jerky original
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Cherky Beef Jerky kopen
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ECO Beef Jerky Original 30gr
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ECO Beef Jerky Original 30gr


Our ECO Beef Jerky Original with a bold flavour that makes clear that you are eating what the label says.Very few top quality ingredients and a tender texture.

Protein-rich jerky 
100% organic beef, raised with respect for animal welfare
Much tenderer, juicier texture than traditional jerky
Just 2,2g of carbs per portion
No preservatives, colouring, lactose or junk

There are many times where less is more. For the ECO Beef Jerky Original we start with an Organic beef that has eaten grass and has been raised in the mountains. We do not want to fade away the natural flavor of such magnificent meat and we have only added the least ingredients to enhance it.

Like all Cherky products you could not find any artificial additives, nitrates or refined sugar.

Ingredients: Selected lean beef cuts* 94,63% (222g of beef used to get 100g of finished product), honey*, sea salt, onion*, garlic*, black pepper*.

*Ingredients from organic agriculture.

Allergens in bold, may contain traces of celery, sesame, soy, nuts and mustard.

279kcal / 1177kJ 83kcal / 353kJ
ENERGY 279 kcal 83 kcal
FATS 5.77 g 1.73 g
OF WHICH SATURATED 2.49 g 0.75 g
CARBOHYDRATES 4.15 g 1.25 g
OF WHICH SUGARS 4.15 g 1.25 g
PROTEIN 52.50 g 15.75 g
SALT 1.80 g 0.54 g