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Bio Biltong Classic 30gr Cherky Foods
Bio Biltong Classic 30gr Cherky Foods
Bio Biltong Classic 30gr Cherky Foods
Bio Biltong Classic 30gr Cherky Foods
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Bio Biltong Classic 30gr Cherky Foods


With the Cherky ECO Cuts Classic you can enjoy a healthy, sustainable snack with a traditional flavor that you will love. Have you seen the ingredients list? You won't find anything nasty, we don't use preservatives, additives or sugar.

These air-dried beef slices are the ideal option to always have on hand a really nutritious option, made with real ingredients and that will be great for you. If you're looking for low-carb options or quality protein sources, it will be hard to find a better option.

Delicious air-dried beef biltong cuts with a traditional flavour
Made of 100% organic beef, raised with respect for animal welfare
High in protein, iron, zinc, Vitamin A and B12
Perfect for keto: just 0,8g of carbs per portion!
No preservatives, colourants, lactose, gluten or added sugar

Selected lean beef cuts* 94.10% (used 220 g of beef to obtain 100g of product), apple cider vinegar *, sea salt, garlic powder *, onion powder * black pepper *, coriander * white pepper.

* Ingredients from organic agriculture.

Allergens in bold, may contain traces of celery, soy, sesame, nuts and mustard.

100g 30g
Energy 263kcal / 1099kJ 79kcal / 330kJ
Fats 4.56g 1.37g
of which saturates 2.03g 0.61g
Carbohydrates 2.73g 0.82g
of which sugars 1.46g 0.43g
Protein 50.48g 15.14g
Salt 2.20g 0.66g