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Cherky Beef Jerky Honey Mustard
Cherky Beef Jerky kopen
Cherky Keto Beef Jerky kopen
ECO Beef Jerky Honey and Mustard 30gr
ECO Beef Jerky Honey and Mustard 30gr
Terky Beef Jerky Honey Mustard voedingswaarde
ECO Beef Jerky Honey and Mustard 30gr
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ECO Beef Jerky Honey and Mustard 30gr


For this ECO Beef jerky we use one of the classic flavour blends in cuisine. The honey and the mustard work nicely to boost the natural flavour of organic beef.

Protein-rich jerky with natural honey & mustard flavour
100% organic beef, raised with respect for animal welfare
Much tenderer, juicier texture than traditional jerky
Just 2,2g of carbs per portion
No preservatives, colouring, lactose or junk

We worked hard to achieve a much more tender texture than traditional jerky.Top quality meat, organic and pasture raised, ingredients you understand and a minimal making process.

Ingredients:Selected lean beef cuts* 88,16% (222g of beef used to get 100g of finished product), honey* 3,53%, mustard sauce* 3,53% ( cider vinegar*, mustard seeds*, sea salt, turmeric*), apple vinegar*, sea salt, onion*, garlic*.

*Ingredients from organic agriculture.

Allergens in bold, may contain traces of celery, sesame, soy, nuts and mustard.

287kcal / 1213kJ 83kcal / 351kJ
ENERGY 287 kcal 83 kcal
FATS 7,00 g 2,10 g
OF WHICH SATURATED 2,92 g 0,88 g
CARBOHYDRATES 7,50 g 2,25 g
OF WHICH SUGARS 7,50 g 2,25 g
PROTEIN 48,60 g 14,58 g
SALT 3,10 g 0,93 g