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Bio Biltong BBQ 30gr Cherky Foods
Bio Biltong BBQ 30gr Cherky Foods
Bio Biltong BBQ 30gr Cherky Foods
Bio Biltong BBQ 30gr Cherky Foods
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Bio Biltong BBQ 30gr Cherky Foods

These air-dried beef slices are the ideal option to always have on hand a really nutritious option, made with real ingredients and that will be great for you. If you're looking for low-carb options or quality protein sources, it will be hard to find a better option. honestly.

Selected lean beef cuts* 93.85% (used 222g of beef to obtain 100g of product), apple cider vinegar *, sea salt, smoked paprika *, onion powder *, garlic powder *, coriander *, black pepper *, white pepper *, oregano *. * Ingredients from organic agriculture.

Allergens in bold, may contain traces of celery, soy, sesame, nuts and mustard.

100g 30g
Energy 254kcal / 1062kJ 77kcal / 319kJ
Fat 4.12g 1.23g
of which saturated 1.81g 0.54g
Carbohydrates 2.28g 0.68g
of which sugars 1.20g 0.36g
Protein 49.81g 14.94g
Salt 2.45g 0.73g

The Cherky ECO Cuts BBQ combines in a very subtle way everything we love about a good barbecue meat but without sugar or weird ingredients. Like the rest of our organic products, the Cherky ECO Cuts BBQ are organic certified, which ensures the high quality of life our animals enjoy and that all the ingredients have been sustainably produced to the highest quality standards.

Delicious air-dried beef biltong cuts with a traditional flavour
Made of 100% organic beef, raised with respect for animal welfare
High in protein, iron, zinc, Vitamin A and B12
Perfect for keto: just 0,8g of carbs per portion!
No preservatives, colourants, lactose, gluten or added sugar