Cherky Foods <br>Bio Plant Based Jerky
Cherky Foods <br>Bio Plant Based Jerky
Cherky Foods <br>Bio Plant Based Jerky
Cherky Foods <br>Bio Plant Based Jerky

Cherky Foods
Bio Plant Based Jerky


Delicious bio-organic, vegan, plant-based jerky snack
Rich in protein and prebiotic fibre
Just 2,4g of keto carbs per portion
Great teriyaki flavour and amazing chewy texture
No preservatives, colouring, lactose or gluten

ECO Plant Based Jerky Teriyaki Cherky Finally – a truly delicious, all vegan, plant based organic version of jerky! You’ll love the wonderful chewy texture and the intense, umami taste of shiitake and tamari.

It’s a snack to suit all: vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, low carbers, ketonians – just 2,4g ‘keto carbs’ per portion (that’s carbohydrates minus the polyols and fibres that do not raise your glucose levels) – and everyone with a taste for exciting flavours and pure, healthy food!

This snack combines the umami taste of shiitake and tamari sauce, both savoury and sweet, with a subtle spiciness from the pepper. Add tomato, spices and a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and things start to get seriously yummy…

If that’s not enough to convince you, wait until you try the incredibly chewy texture – this has nothing in common with the dehydrated fruit or vegetables that most vegan snacks are based on.

In addition to a great taste and texture, this snack is high in bio-organic, plant-based protein, high in prebiotic fibre and very low in ‘keto carbs’.